Introduction to Icons

The Orthodox Church and Its Icons

The Funen Opera House

My field of activity is wide-ranging, and, in the course of time, my focus has turned in many directions, encouraged by my curiosity and the search for my niche.

My painting education has made it natural and necessary for me to explore different painting techniques and angles of approach in order to find my personal expression. In recent years, working with icons has become my preferred field along with the study of Islamic patterns which I find deeply fascinating.

Study tours to Greece and icon painting courses have provided me with insight into the amazing tradition of icon painting. The techniques are the same as those used by the icon painters of Byzantium in its golden age (330-1453), i.e. egg tempera and gold leaf on gesso.

Icon painting is a tough discipline, demanding contemplation and patience. Egg tempera and gold leaf can be very ungrateful media if one is under stress or has an unsteady hand.

I am very occupied with the repetition and complexity of Islamic patterns that can give the viewer a meditative and almost religious experience. The remarkable simplicity and sense of calm in the complicated ornamentation, I find quite astonishing. In the past five years, I have travelled in North Africa and there found a lot of inspiration.

I have worked quite a lot with set design, mostly at the Funen Opera House, since music also has a certain grip on me. Illusion has always intrigued me, and I will never cease to marvel at the effects that become possible with the use of lighting, colours and sets. Also, it is exciting to be part of a team. As a painter, one usually works alone and is one's own employer. So it can be interesting to experience the hectic atmosphere before a premiere.

My education in technical painting and colour schemes has, among other things, given me the possibility to work with historical painting techniques. I have often used these techniques in scene painting assignments and in decorations. Making a cheap piece of wood resemble a precious slate of marble and having an inexpensive piece of pinewood furniture looking like a fortune by applying gold leaf is also rewarding and very amusing.